Regulations apply to ensure we follow covid-safe guidelines and prevent any spread of virus. Safer distancing, masks, hand sanitiser (please carry a small one with you) and communion in one-kind. Visors on their own have not been found to be as preventative as regular masks. 
Please book a seat for Sunday services for covid safety by emailing or let our churchwardens know. 
Private Prayer & Online Services:
The church continues to be open Wed and Fri 10-3pm and Sunday’s  2pm – 4pm for private prayer.
 You can watch our online services, including Tuesday’s Morning Prayer at 7.30am, Thursdays Compline (night prayer) at 8.30pm and Sunday Worship at 10am, on our facebook page. Click the button below. 
Prayer and study groups, meetings and community cafe are on Zoom. Please message us to acquire the links you need.