Groups held at Holy Redeemer, Lamorbey

The Cross Stitch Club was started about 6 years ago with the express idea of refurbishing the church with new kneelers by the 75th Anniversary of the building and dedication of the Holy Redeemer Church.  This would entail the production of some 200 kneelers in cross stitch.   In 2008 an altar frontal depicting the Resurrection was designed and worked with every member of the group taking part in the stitching, together with matching pulpit and lectern falls.  The group has grown from 7 to 18, meeting on Tuesday afternoons and produces items for summer and Christmas sales. Although we are mainly a knitting/sewing group, our aim is also one of outreach to the wider community.  We welcome people from outside the church community to join us for friendship and support.  This has widened our social side and given us friends who readily support the church.

2nd Lamorbey (Holy Redeemer) Brownie Pack is a lively unit of up to 24 girls aged 7-10 years, 2 qualified leaders, a unit helper and a young leader.  We meet weekly during term time in the church hall and attend church parade monthly alongside the Guides. At church parade we take part by reading prayers and taking collection and may also be asked to read the bible readings during the service.  We have been visited by the vicar at our meetings which fosters a good relationship between the girls, leaders and the church.  The vicar and members of the congregation are also invited to some of our special events.

2nd Lamorbey (Holy Redeemer) Guide Unit has been attached to the church since 1935.  We are a thriving group with an average membership of 18 girls and 2 leaders.  We meet in the church hall Friday evenings during term time.  We have regular activities including holidays, camping and days out.  During the summer months we like to take advantage of the weather when we can have games and activities outdoors in the garden at the front of the church during our meeting time.

Holy Redeemer Playgroup has been pleased to have had great support from the church.  Playschool is open in the Holy Redeemer Church Hall.  As well as our indoor and outside play we have enjoyed our annual Nativity Play in the church and the generosity of being given use of the church gardens for our annual Sports Day thus allowing the fun to be shared with the children's family and friends.  The bond between the church, staff and children of the playgroup has been very special and it is hoped that this will continue.                                                                                           Sarah-Jane Brown, Playgroup Leader

Parish lunches are held on a monthly basis from May to October with monies raised going to support local or Church Charities.  During Lent a Friday Frugal lunch raises money for various Christian charities.

A dedicated committee organises a wide variety of events for all ages, throughout the year, including concerts, quizzes, picnics, etc.  Many of these are supported by the wider community and they offer valuable fellowship to all.